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Luminox LED Light Therapy
Luminox Treatment Pricing:
   1 For $69
  5 For $325
 10 For $599

The Proven Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery

Renewal Light Therapy makes it possible to achieve the dramatic, youthful result you thought only surgery could provide.

Your delicate skin is not subjected to harmful chemicals, searing lasers or peels. Instead, a gentle, penetrating, natural light safely and gently firms the skin, refining pores and smoothing away wrinkles, age spots and skin discolorations for a younger, fresher, healthier look and feel. A completely non-invasive process, there’s no redness, damage or healing time after treatments. And, when used in conjunction with Renewal skin creams, the Renewal Light Therapy System extends the life of your youthful appearance for the long term.

Renewal Light Therapy provides the most sophisticated, non-invasive, non-ablative skin rejuvenation available today, and each treatment is designed to deliver a full spectrum of advantages to meet a variety of needs:

  • ~ 100% safe and FDA cleared technology*.
  • ~ No recovery time or damage to skin cells.
  • ~ Light sources arrayed in a matrix to accommodate human facial profiles.
  • ~ Three therapy source lights: red, blue, or mixed.
  • ~ Narrow spectrum output excludes UVA, UVB, Ultra-violet, and Infra-red.
  • ~ No special requirements for treatments or treatment environment.

*Safe and risk-free under normal use for most skin problems. However, under certain medical conditions light therapy should be avoided. If a severe skin condition exists, a physician or dermatologist should be consulted prior to use.

Luminox Light Therapy proven to provide treatment for:
  • Treatment for Acne
  • Reducing the Effects of Aging
  • Scar and Wound Healing
  • Sun spots and skin discoloration
  • Reduction of minor subcutaneous fatty growths
  • And other skin conditions


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